Defend against
account takeovers

Over 100 companies are securing their revenue with Sensfrx.
Defend against account takeover

Trusted by fraud fighters at

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Trusted by fraud fighters at

edomains Megabit cloud Hostlasting Servgo Dreamithost Pufferfish host

Sensfrx offers real-time insights to
stop account takeovers

Our cognitive engine actively blocks threats at every touchpoint of the customer
journey, ensuring the security of your customers’ data.

Sensfrx detects repeated login attempts, identifying potential credential-stuffing threats.

Protecting against brute-force attacks, Sensfrx stops aggressive password guessing.

Sensfrx flags fast geo changing anomalies, spotting improbable location changes quickly.

Sensfrx detects suspicious new devices and new locations.

Monitoring unusual activity, Sensfrx identifies one suspicious device used by multiple users.

Sensfrx protects your authentication from bots attempting unauthorized access mining.

Sensfrx keeps an eye on unusual behavior post-account takeover, ensuring ongoing security.

Providing insights on IP risks, Sensfrx evaluates IP addresses for enhanced safety.

Credential stuffing
Brute force attack
Fast geolocation
Suspicious new device and location
Multiple users detected on same device
Suspicious new device detected
IP addresses risk insights
Access mining bots
Experience real-time Sensfrx ATO protection and block automated attacks by fraudsters.

Our numbers speak to Sensfrx's
success in stopping takeovers


Reduction in account takeovers


Neutralized fraudulent logins


Frictionless authentication


Preventing post-attack access

Vijay Ahire, CTO,
Gazon Communication
Sensfrx stands out as the backbone of our fraud prevention strategy. Its sophisticated technology empowers us to stay one step ahead, effectively countering threats, preserving the integrity of our business and earning the trust of our users.

Precision fingerprinting and risk analysis

Sensfrx excels in high-accuracy fingerprinting, swiftly pinpointing account takeover signs and identifying suspicious devices.
Spot-On Risk
Sensfrx's cognitive engine precisely calculates device risk scores, ensuring accurate assessments based on diverse signals.
Instant Analytics and Verdicts
Real-time, delay-free analytics and risk verdicts from Sensfrx are delivered instantly via webhooks.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few things you might be wondering about.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few things you might be wondering about.

Account takeover fraud is when unauthorized individuals gain control of an account through deceptive means, enabling them to misuse it for unauthorized transactions or to access sensitive information, posing significant risks like financial losses or data breaches.

Account takeover happens when unauthorized individuals access someone's account using methods like phishing, malware, or exploiting weak passwords. Once inside, they lock out the genuine user, steal personal data, make unauthorized transactions, or engage in fraudulent activities, causing financial and reputational harm.

Sensfrx employs advanced technology to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. It monitors various factors like user information, device information, IP addresses, and risk analysis to assess the risk level of each login attempt. Legitimate users experience seamless access without additional hurdles. We promptly act on users with high-risk scores, ensuring immediate and tailored security measures.

Yes, Sensfrx provides meticulous monitoring of user accounts. With our advanced dashboard, you can see user account fraud analytics to gain a wealth of crucial information. This includes detailed risk maps, insights into user devices, a rundown of recent activities, and comprehensive activity log details. Our dashboard provides a comprehensive and transparent view of the security status of your users’ accounts.

Start a free trial to explore our dashboard. See for yourself how access to detailed insights can prevent account takeovers and protect your users’ accounts.

Unmask fraudsters in real time

250 ms
Decision Time
Speedy action by the cognitive risk engine
5 mins
Implementation Time
Prompt fraud detection implementation
150 ms
Response Time
Low latency response time over secure APIs
100% Uptime of APIs & services

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Benefit from easy integration across a wide variety of platforms.

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Effortlessly stay one step ahead of fraudsters with Sensfrx