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Trusted by fraud fighters at

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Trusted by fraud fighters at

edomains Megabit cloud Hostlasting Servgo Dreamithost Pufferfish host

Detect and stop bot-like activity with
real-time bot protection

Sensfrx closely monitors your platform, looking for and
zeroing in on all bot-like activity

Sensfrx detects automated web crawlers so you can safeguard your competitive edge and maintain SEO rankings by stopping bots from copying your content.

Sensfrx detects robotic or abnormal mouse movements by analyzing patterns that deviate from typical human interaction.

Sensfrx effectively detects credential-stuffing attacks carried out by bots.

Defend against bot-driven brute-force attacks by leveraging Sensfrx’s advanced fingerprinting technology to accurately identify and differentiate between legitimate users and potential threats.

Automated web crawler detection
Irregular mouse movement detection
Brute force attack prevention
Credential stuffing attack detection
Stop bots from taking over your business.

Our numbers speak to Sensfrx's
success in stopping bot attacks


Reduction in account takeovers


Neutralized fraudulent logins


Frictionless authentication


Preventing post-attack access

Vijay Ahire, CTO,
Gazon Communication
Sensfrx stands out as the backbone of our fraud prevention strategy. Its sophisticated technology empowers us to stay one step ahead, effectively countering threats, preserving the integrity of our business and earning the trust of our users.

Protection against every bot fraud

Inventory hoarding
Block bots from hoarding your product inventory and maintain fairness in the marketplace.
Crad testing
Block bots from verifying stolen credit cards and secure every transaction.
Ticket scalping
Stop automated ticket purchases and ensure fair access to event tickets for genuine attendees.
Fake account
Prevent bots from creating fake accounts and protect genuine user interactions and content.
Website scraping
Stop bots from plagiarizing your content on other sites and safeguard your SEO rankings.
Account takeover
Prevent your users from unauthorized access by detecting and stopping bot-driven account takeover attacks.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few things you might be wondering about.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few things you might be wondering about.

Bot fraud refers to fraudulent activities carried out by automated software programs, known as bots, intending to deceive or exploit online systems. These bots can perform malicious actions such as scraping website data, conducting credential stuffing, or other attacks.

Sensfrx uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze user behavior and identify patterns indicative of bot activity. It closely monitors website traffic, mouse movement, and login attempts, allowing it to detect and prevent automated web crawlers, malicious bot attacks, and credential-stuffing attempts in real time.

Common signs of bot activity include unusual patterns of website traffic, repetitive or rapid interactions with web pages, abnormal mouse movement patterns, and suspicious login attempts. Bots may also exhibit predictable behavior, such as following a specific sequence of actions or accessing restricted website areas.

Bot-driven fraud can significantly impact the user experience by causing slowdowns, disruptions, or outages on websites or platforms. Excessive bot activity can lead to server overloads, increased page load times, and degraded performance, resulting in frustration and dissatisfaction among legitimate users.

Unmask fraudsters in real time

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