Prevent illegitimate transactions,
stop chargebacks.

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Prevention against payment fraud

Trusted by fraud fighters at

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Trusted by fraud fighters at

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Stop transaction fraud in real-time

Sensfrx monitors transactions and detects a host of signals to zero in on suspicious activity.

Sensfrx flags abnormal payment amounts.

Sensfrx alerts you to transactional activity occurring during rapid changes in user location.

Sensfrx detects policy abuse of a user wherein it denies purchase.

Sensfrx detects when a user makes an unusually high number of orders.

Sensfrx detects potential card testing activities, where attackers attempt to validate stolen or purchased credit/debit card information.

Sensfrx flags transactions made while the user is engaged in a phone call.

Abnormal payment amount detection
Transaction detection on different locations
Friendly fraud detection
Abnormal order amount detection
Card testing detection
Active call detection
Block out suspicious transactions. Prevent fraudsters from stealing your profits.

Our numbers speak to Sensfrx's
success in stopping takeovers


Reduction in account takeovers


Neutralized fraudulent logins


Frictionless authentication


Preventing post-attack access

Vijay Ahire, CTO,
Gazon Communication
Sensfrx stands out as the backbone of our fraud prevention strategy. Its sophisticated technology empowers us to stay one step ahead, effectively countering threats, preserving the integrity of our business and earning the trust of our users.

Prevent every type of fraudulent transaction

Keep your customers safe by detecting transaction fraud
at every step of the payment process.

Detect friendly fraud, ATO, and credit card testing instantly and prevent fraudulent chargeback requests.
Screen transactions and spot suspicious devices without hampering the checkout experience.
Detect refund abuse, stolen credit cards, and more, and ensure only legitimate payments are processed.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few things you might be wondering about.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few things you might be wondering about.

Chargeback fraud occurs when a customer purchases online, receives the goods or services, and then disputes the charge with their bank or credit card issuer, claiming they did not authorize the transaction or did not receive the promised goods or services.

Sensfrx employs advanced monitoring and detection techniques to identify suspicious transactions indicative of chargeback fraud in real time. By detecting various signals like abnormal payment amounts, friendly fraud, abnormal order rates, and many more transaction signals, Sensfrx can flag potentially fraudulent activities, allowing merchants to take proactive measures to prevent chargebacks before they occur.

Sensfrx empowers merchants with a customizable solution. For example, merchants can set validation rules based on crucial factors such as merchant country, billing country, and transaction amount. By tailoring these rules to their specific business needs, merchants can effectively detect and prevent fraudulent transactions while minimizing false positives.

Sensfrx employs a multi-faceted approach to detect friendly fraud, including analyzing transaction history, user behavior patterns, and other relevant factors. By identifying inconsistencies and anomalies in the data, Sensfrx can flag transactions that exhibit characteristics indicative of friendly fraud, such as frequent chargebacks from the same user or suspicious purchasing patterns.

Unmask fraudsters in real time

250 ms
Decision Time
Speedy action by the cognitive risk engine
5 mins
Implementation Time
Prompt fraud detection implementation
150 ms
Response Time
Low latency response time over secure APIs
100% Uptime of APIs & services

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